Dr. Vis

We build a visualization tool to help clinicians make comprehensive and individualized clinical decisions. This tool can read EHR data from databases and give prediction targets such as re-admission, mortality or future disease. Meanwhile, this tool can also dynamically analyze the importance of different biomarkers, disease stage variation, co-relation between features at different visits using our state-of-the-art AI clinical predictive models. With these multi-view and fully visualized results, clinicians can be warned ahead of risk and make individualized treatment plans for different patients.

Welcome to test the prototype of our visualization tool:

Patient #1[Cause of death: CVD]
Patient #2(Cause of death: GI disease)
Patient #3(Cause of death: Other)
Patient #4(Cause of death: GI disease)
Patient #5(Cause of death: Cachexia)
Patient #6(Cause of death: CVD)
Patient #7(Alive)
Patient #8(Alive)